Damn! Cannot finish Uncharted 2 as game has a major bug!

Found 1st Nov 2009
Got close to the end and damn game has a bug in it.

Check the clip in the next post and right at the start when Nate gets to the wheels, the green button appears and he can open the doors.

I get to them and nothing happens and green button doesnt work.

Community Updates

Did update to v1.01 this morning which may have boogered it.
i did that update to, but managed to complete it the other day :?
Does anyone know if there will be a demo out on the PSN for this apart from that multi-player beta one. I am waiting to pay around £20-£25 when it goes down in price.

Have loads of games to complete first but wanted a taster:thumbsup:
never played the game but my 17 year old says he has completed it so maybe not a bug,maybe the update you did?
Looks good, havent seen gameplay before
all ok now. truend it all off and restarted chapter and hen green button appeared. weird!
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