Damn, our TV has just broke.

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Found 3rd Nov 2009
Had a good 3 years out of the Hannspree from Ebuyer but its just broke and going to need to invest in another one.

Dont know whether its best to pay around £300 and get a standard HD Ready one or fork out about £500+ to get a 42" 1080p one.

Does anyone know of any good deals for good spec TV's knocking around at the moment.

Thanks to all replies and rep is on offer for helping me out, cheers.

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Careful stevey_p7, most unplanned pregnancies result from power cuts or broken tellies! :whistling:

Get a cheapy and wait for the new backlit led ones to reduce in price

remember, for that authentic wayne and waynetta slob look, buy the biggest tv you can and mount it on the wall, just high enough so it actually hurts to look at it

class, real class!!

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So apart from the shrewd comments above, does anyone know of any good priced LCD's or plasmas that are out there.

And yes I'm just hoping one with just jump into the living room without me needing to search for hours to get one.

as for 1080p - Sky digital only transmit in 1080i and only true 1080p content is either BluRay movies or some PS3 games therefore to get a 1080p screen would be ideal, but the current content available isnt worth the extra cost.


hope that link works. £550 at John Lewis with 5 year guarranty.

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http://www.johnlewis.com/230573761/Product.aspxhope that link works. … http://www.johnlewis.com/230573761/Product.aspxhope that link works. £550 at John Lewis with 5 year guarranty.

Thanks will definitely have a look at that one. Free 5 year guarantee too.

Repped deservedly.

free warranty is limited
no specified home pickup service for the tv if broken (or return)
tv will be taken to an outside contracted repair shop
no time limit on repair turnaround
no replacement loan tv during repair time
no cutoff time specified before a new tv is issued.

so yeah they will repair your TV or if it cant be repaired, they'll replace it.
but they dont say how long that will all take.

if their free warranty was so great, they wouldnt need to sell a premium one.

Try [url]www.ebuyer.com[/url] the samsung and lg tv's are good quality and affordable.

Despite what the other users have said, I would strongly advise investing in 1080p.
Correct, tv is currently broadcast at 1080i but sure enough it will come to 1080p and its best to have it already rather than upgrade later. There is a real difference in games consoles and blu ray dvds when using 1080p too so I would suggest go for it!

nickynackynoo is right to suggest john lewis, don't forget to use quidco ect wherever you can!
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