Damn superglue has dried on my fingers

Been trying remove it using hand wash and some fairy but it's still on my index finger tip and thumb ☹️


try nail varnish remover if you have any

Did the same thing happen to you as the guy in American Pie X)

Just pull them apart or wait for it to crack off

It peels off like skin. No big deal.

cooking oil?

just leave it. regular hand washing and usual activities will get rid of it in few days.

....Gently file it off with fine grit sandpaper or rough-finish nail file.

may have to amputate at the elbow.

seriously though when i have done this myself it just tends to come off when you rub your fingers together. it did take some time though.

i found chlorine from swimming removed mine but I'm curious about how you stuck your fingers together

I found that just getting on with life removes it. Just stop worrying about it and it'll come Off in time

angle grinder does the job oO

Try having a tube burst in you mouth while using your teeth to unscrew top. What Dum bleep thick bleep done that.. I'm saying nothing. It's annoying but will be gone in 48hours. Don't peal it though, as will go sore.


Acetone will dissolve it, can be bought it any chemist or pharmacy for about 80p.

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Cool, thank you all
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