Ok I just purchased the £1 for 1 month of xbox live, and called to make sure I am not charged again for next month, but realised that the card the the payment was made with was my fathers and not mine. So I couldn't cancel it and turn auto renew subscription off. When will I next be charged? In 1 month?


    how can you get confused with your dad and your card?

    Dont you keep your card and your dad keep his?

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    The card was already listed as a payment option, as I had previously used his card to purchase some microsoft points

    Please reply only if you can answer my question, not if you're gonna ask me one.

    your dad will have to cancel

    Can't you phone up with your dads details and cancel:)

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    your dad will have to cancel

    lol I know that but i'm asking do I have to cancel today for it not to charge me after one month, or do I cancel anytime between now and 29th July?

    you wont know until he rings

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    you wont know until he rings

    I will know when someone who does know answers my

    Just cancel and remove your card and it wont charge you.

    You will keep your one month too.

    If it direct debit/or standing order you will have 24 or 48 hours to cancel it before the deadline day....i.e. you may be lucky enough to be able to cancel before its taken...if you hurry, well thats the case with most subscriptions of these kinds

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    Ok i'll be more clear as I think I didn't explain properly

    1. Around 10 minutes ago I purchased 1 month of Gold for £1 with the card attached to the XBL account
    2. I then called to turn off the auto-renewal of subscription, to ensure i'm not charged for next month
    3. While I was calling I realised the card on the account is my father's and he has his card with him and is away, so they wouldn't allow me to cancel is without the card details/cardholder.

    So what i'm asking is how long do I have left to cancel it, before i'm charged full price for next month (£4.99)?

    im sure its a whole month....but seriosuly just ring up and find out....or just read the T & C's
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