Damp in Old houses

Posted 26th Nov 2012
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone no much about damp in houses?

Okay so my End Trerrace house was built in 1900 so its pretty old and has solid walls (triple brick as far as I know)

One of the internal walls (also solid) which connects the house next door looks like it may have damp. At first I though it may have been where condesation and nicotine have met and stained the walls due to previous owner as some of it was just a couple of random patches up high which were like a googy substance .....

I therefore removed all the paper with the idea of getting it skimmed and painted.... unfortunatley I have found the corner wall in the algove appears to have rising damp along the wall up to about 18 inches. Anyone know what might cause this as, as such the algove is in the middle of the house and its an internal wall?

The fireplace is closed, so don't know if its to do with lack of ventilation because of this?
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