Damp patch - leak or damp proof course?

Found 6th Nov 2017

Ive noticed this damp patch after moving some garden furniture out of the way. The stop cock which is slightly to the right of the highest pit of the patch was leaking so I had that repaired a couple of days ago. Could that have been causing this? Or do the white parts indicate an issue with the damp proof course?

Any indication would be greatly appreciated.


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Looks like splashback from the drain so nothing serious.
The white is just efflorescence.
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Ensure the area is uncovered so that it dries out...creating the covered area was probably part of the problem
Just checked and even when both taps are maxed out there isn’t any splash back onto the wall.

would it be something else
The white efflorescence is salt - wash and brush with white vinegar then repeat every few days until it has gone.
borat12345 m ago

Just checked and even when both taps are maxed out there isn’t any splash b …Just checked and even when both taps are maxed out there isn’t any splash back onto the wall.would it be something else

Water could have bounced off the garden furniture onto the wall??

If you've sorted the tap just give it a few days to see if it dries up. Doubt it is going to be a problem. Any rising damp problem would be up to 1m high, not just a few inches - plus the bricks look so saturated it does suggest a water splash rather than failure of a damp proof course..

Brickwork shows a cavity wall construction so you will have no problem inside anyway.
Wouldn’t have thought so, given the furnitures position.

It’s hard to tell as the kitchen cabinets are the other side of the wall.
Most likely the leak from the stop tap has caused the damp. It seems like its only in one certain area. I would suggest you just let it dry out over the following week and see if the damp patch goes naturally.
The only reason I don’t think it’s the stop cock is because it goes all the way from the Grey pipe to the left till it gets hidden by the conservatory.
It could also be a damaged or cracked drain thats leaking constantly into the ground. I would suggest doing some digging around the gully trap and seeing if the waters not seeping into the ground. Without further investigation its hard to tell as damp is penetration of water. So find the source of the water and you will have the solution.
Also check if theres no leaking gutter from above thats causing water to hit the ground at that point.
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