Dampness advice please

    My uncle has dampness under his bedroom window . He says he drys any moisture/condensation that builds up on the window . It's a brick built 80 year old cottage type flat (ground floor ) .
    Any advice on type and/or cure would be greatly appreciated.


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    my advice is check the window frame or roof ro see where water is getting through from

    Is it damp proofed? That whole area looks damp. Rising damp will rise up to 1 metre.

    Is the window ever opened ? Looks like condensation mould .. Try getting some air through it . Wipe it off with mould remover or watered down bleach . If necessary get a dehumidifier
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    I would get checked for rising damp just in case. check the seals on the window outside see if there is a break where water is getting it, if its this its an easy fix. Also its important to ventilate rooms, this could be done by opening a window for half an hour a day.

    As above you need to let some air into the room, this happens when curtains are drawn at night and the cold glass meet the warm air trapped behind the curtain. If you can leave the curtains open, open the window slightly or fit double glazing as I did.

    you will need a dehumidifier, i had the same issue.

    Some properties are plagued with condensation,getting a dehumidifier helped us,I also painted the walls around the window area with Zinsser anti mould paint,it's expensive but works.

    Simply opening a window won't cure it.

    We had the same problem, a dehumidifier works.

    The Baufix anti-mould paint from Lidl has worked well for me.

    As said that is condensation.

    Does he dry clothes in the room?
    Does he have gas fires?

    Both of those generate huge amounts of water in the air.

    How do you know it's damp ingress?

    That looks like classic condensation mould growth to me - I'd investigate further before assuming it's damp.
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