Damsel in distress! Please can someone help me with my computer?

    Evening all.

    My laptop has gradually been getting slower and slower to do anything (surfing, opening Microsoft Word, etc)

    Yesterday it completely froze up when I was about to bid on an eBay auction and I missed it! I had to manually switch the comp and and start again.

    I am going to delete some files off my computer as I have only got about 2gb free space but the computer was already being slow before it got so full up.

    Please can anyone give me some pointers on what I can do to 'sort it out'. I don't mean hardware wise as I was happy with how it was running before, I mean like 'clean up' things.

    I would greatly appreciate any help!



    when did you last run a defrag?


    What platform you

    But generally a defrag will help speed up. You may need some more memory adding to assist.

    I tend to find a clean install, where you clear everything from your hard drive works best in these situations


    If you go start > all programs > accessories > system tools , you will find all the things there


    how much RAM do you have on your laptop... what processor are you using ?... .how do you delete software when you dont need them darling


    a disk cleanup would be good to run to remove any temporary files taking up space etc, as well as defrag which are both in system tools (above)

    tools internet options delete cookies etc
    then do virus scan
    then try going to start control panel add and remove programs
    look for any programs which you dnt use, remove them. ( only do this if your sure)

    What happens if you open lots of Internet explorers? Not tabbed Firefox, i mean individual IE windows....

    Run pc for overnight defrag

    Go to google and search for spyware removal tool

    ( adware or spybot search and destroy)

    you could have spyware etc

    do these initial pc checks before looking at ram etc

    Is it just browsing issues or speed?


    spybot is a good spyware remover and avg a good antivirus. both are free and available on


    i would also recommend zonealarm firewall

    Download CCleaner from :-…er/ (click the download tab)

    doubleclick the ccsetup.exe file and install the program...

    At the Cclean setup screen &Install opitions Uncheck the Add Ccleaner Yahoo ! Tool bar unless you want it

    After installing, go to Start > programs > CCleaner > Options > Advanced > UNCHECK "Only delete files in Windows Temp folder older than 48 hours"

    Make sure the "windows" tab is selected

    Under "internet explorer" tick...

    Temporary internet files
    Recently typed URL's
    Delete index.dat files
    Last download location
    Autocomplete form history

    under "Windows explorer" these are optional, but you can safely tick them all if you wish, they are only "most recently used lists"

    Other explorer MRU's (leave this unticked if you DON'T want to clear lists such as the start\run list)

    under "System"

    Tick ALL these ...

    click "run cleaner" to let it get on with it's work... clicking this will result in the following pop-up

    "This process will permanently delete files from your system. Are you sure you wish to proceed?"

    click OK.

    make sure you back up anything essential as the slowness may be down to impending hardware failure and some of these actions may push things over the edge.

    sorry to go of topic
    but did u manage to sort your car out with the black smoke?
    mine still doing it and its just had a major service and passed an M.O.T

    As mentioned above, get more RAM installed. Use Crucials scan to find out what you can add. [url][/url]

    Original Poster

    Thank so much everyone, will get on with all these today and report back later!

    I am on XP (I think :?)

    Defrag didn't make hardly any difference when I did it about a month ago, but will run one again tonight.

    Edjaned: My car is going in next week, hopefully, lovey, will let you know what it is when it's fixed :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Much better, thanks - have left rep for some of you
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