Dance Ejay Rave Ejay Pc For Free

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Found 7th Aug 2008
hi i am giving Dance Ejay Rave Ejay For Pc away for free. its new/sealed

will pick winner on saturday at 11am


This is now gettin' silly.... why a separate post for each item - it just clutters the board methinks...

i agree with liddle

Original Poster

this is the final free thing for this week will list more free things another week


Count me in please.

count me in please maybe we should have a sub section of the freebies forum for giveaways?

Me three please!

shouldn't this be in the freebies/competition section



We're going to be moving these threads into the misc section from now … We're going to be moving these threads into the misc section from now on.Rep can be given if you want, but FS Feedback is reserved for the FS forum only.

Count me in thanks!

count me in plz

'Put ur hands up in the air' 'big up 2 OnTheBallCity, woop woop' n other dj-type ramblings lol count me in pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. x

and me ..........


WOW very generous of you OntheBall

Count me in! Cheers

omg im so in i need these for my media production


does it work for mac's

Clearing out the loft?

Original Poster


Clearing out the loft?

ive got loads more items, will list more free items next week, got some more pc games, software, maybe xbox 360 games etc:thumbsup:

I'm in.

Me too :santa:

count me in!!

yes please

I used these so much back in the day!

Count me out. Who uses legal software these days :whistling:


I will take plz


would waving with both hands win you extra points

Count me in. Thanks

Original Poster

anymore people interested

Original Poster

will pick winner at 11am so put your name down


Me, please x x

Original Poster

post no 14, pm me with details

:thumbsup:Well done King1Gazza!

Original Poster

King1Gazza is the winner

Original Poster

King1Gazza are u there
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