Dancing Igglepiggle

    I know these have been on offer in a few places over the last couple of months but now I have come to buy one and I cant get one at a good price anywhere!! I found one on Amazon for £16, put it in my basket, went back on the next day and the price had changed to £31!!! Gutted!!! Has anyone got any idea where they have got them for half price?(or at least very close to half price anyway!)



    [COLOR="Purple"]i think wilkinsons had them instore..
    check there website [url][/url][/COLOR]


    [COLOR="Purple"]i think wilkinsons had them instore..check there website … [COLOR="Purple"]i think wilkinsons had them instore..check there website [url][/url][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="Purple"]sorry wrong link..
    try [url][/url][/COLOR]

    or [url][/url]

    i think toys r us have this stuff up to half price too, everywhere seems to have offers on it

    they had these cheap at tesco direct about 2weeks ago. They are now back up to normal price now, just checked.
    Shame Hope you get one.


    try littlw woods direct there is a 30 off 60 if you can bump your order up with other bits
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