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Found 20th Feb 2011
Hi really not sure if anybody can help, I have very ltd info but either last season or the season before there was a professional woman skater on dancing on ice who did amazing spins. She could go from standing still do doing a mega fast spin. She did it in quite a few live shows but can't remember who it was or who her celeb partner was.

Sorry have no more info but if somebody could tell me who it was I would be very greatfull.

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Is she a little american with blonde hair?

Is she a little american with blonde hair?

wtf, Dolly Parton has never been on Dancing on Ice, they'd never get her off the ground. Mind you if she fell over she'd have plenty of cushioning.
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Is she a little american with blonde hair?

I really can't remember, this is why I need to know lol. I said she was blonde and my partner is adamant she had brown hair.
Actually the one I was thinking of was canadian.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_on_Ice#ProfessionalsHave a look … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_on_Ice#ProfessionalsHave a look here, a name might ring a bell.

no, had a look through but really can't remember
There was a husband and wife couple who used to be in it but not this season. His name was Fred so I googled them for you - Fred Pallesack (not sure about spelling) and Melanie Lambert, so maybe it's Melanie Lambert you are thinking of?

photo ^^
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