Dangers of messing around on the roads

    he's lucky to be alive


    Saw this earlier today, looks very painful! Lucky to be alive is an understatement - speaking as someone who was once hit by a bus, they're really quite solid.

    the idiot.

    Natural selection?

    what a plonker! did his parents never teach him the green cross code?

    it's just so stupid, there's a crossing like 3 feet away.
    He's probably scarred that bus driver's memory for years.

    what a wuckfit!


    Natural selection?

    Agreed. Darwin was right. You can only hope selection occurs before they have offspring.


    the idiot.

    i agree, those railing things are there for a reason.. why jump over em like that..

    but omg.. he is extremely lucky..shocking video


    what a muppet!!!!!!

    What a complete idiot !

    No road sense'just stupid!


    Idiot but a very lucky guy to survive.

    yes but if you look at it closely one of the kids walking down the cycle lane has to jump out of the way of the bus because it crosses into the cycle lane. they were on about it yesterday on telly and apparently the kids are often vaulting the railing and land in the cycle lane. stupid yes, idiotic yes. but so was the bus driver entering a cycle lane especially when kids are walking down it as he does so.
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