Dare I say it.......

    It is September and Ihave started buying Christmas presents...
    Have you ??


    I have. But considering I only buy for 4 people it doesn't take me long!

    done ours already

    Started in Jan sales & been buying since.

    Yes - bought quite a few but then its for the kids so have to start early before the mad rush for the "top toys" begins and there's nothing left.

    Original Poster

    I thought I was going to get slated. I guess I am a bit behind and need to catch up !!!!!!! lol

    yep i keep buying silly price stuff for kids makes sense. At xmas will just have to buy what they really want-i will have all stocking fillers x

    Yes I've started too, but we have 3 kids and umpteen people so I need to get a head start, altho I'm not going as mad this year.

    yep already started still got along way to go tho

    Started in January with the basics, going to start getting a couple of gifts every week!

    Glad im not the only one too! Im hoping that the Panto 2 for 1 offers come on soon tho I think it was October last year just a few weeks to wait!

    Yep started earlier in the year.

    started looking and thinking about how much money to spend on all 6 necies and 2 kids of our own. start buying in 2weeks!

    I bought 3 gifts this mornin funnily enough. Ive splashed out on 3 tickets for my oh, mate and my mum to go and see alexandra burke next year. I did this last year and took them all to see here come the girls and it was ace.
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