Posted 15th Jul 2022
There must be a way to enable dark mode on this website (not sure bout app don't know and not intendin to install an app that a web browser can do sorry!), in this day and age that's a must - anyone else agree, lets a get enough attention for change =))i

Something like the YouTube website can be done on website (and app)
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    Why do people need dark mode? It looks unclear when you are in dark mode so I am confused why such mode exist at all?

    Is it for people with eyesight problem?
    Saves battery.
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    I use brave browser …. And mainly use this site when I can’t get to to sleep lol this YouTube and gmail so the contrast hurts middle of night lol
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    Can you not set your phone to be in dark mode as a general setting?.

    But if we are suggesting improvements, then adding a filter to hide unwanted products would be a good start.
    And killing that stupid pop up that fills the page advertising their app (edited)
    the app pop up that blocks the whole screen is very annoying. i agree with you there.
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    Why not just use DarkReader (think it’s that) which is just an extension and does what you want?
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    ‘not intendin to install an app that a web browser can do’

    The web browser clearly can’t do what the app can.
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    You can force dark mode on every website using the setting in chrome://flags/ (or for other browsers, replace chrome in the url with the browser you use)
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    hello everyone,

    How do I get hotukdeals on the desktop to be Dark mode? I've searched online and I haven't come across anything..
    But there is a way to do so ... ?!

    Any idea .. Thanks