Dark Souls III Video game

Found 7th May
Hey all, I got this game with my new Xbox. Is this game any good? I’ve not played the first two. What would you compare this game with? Witcher? Skyrim?
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The series as a whole, including this third instalment, is typically very well-regarded, but known for being very difficult/unforgiving.

It's hard to find a mainstream direct point of comparison here, aside from From Software's other recent games (I assume that you've not played Bloodborne on PS4?) - it's quite different from both Skyrim and The Witcher 3, even though it shares the same broad genre. You might be best served seeking out a few gameplay videos to give an idea of what to expect - I'd recommend Giant Bomb's 'Quick Look', here: giantbomb.com/vid…09/
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It's brilliant but can be hard for newbies
Very hard - my son got it for Christmas, got to the first boss battle, spent two hours swearing at it, eventually beat the boss with the help of youtube and hasn't touched it since. Maybe when I've finished the Witcher DLC I'll have a crack.
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