Dark Void - the biggest turd of 2010?

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Found 3rd Feb 2010
Anyone else have a thought on this game being a contender for biggest turd in video gaming in 2010? Please discuss. I'd be livid if I had just dropped £40 on this frack. The game is sponsoring Caprica so I hope its turdishness doesn't rub off on what could and should be an awesome series.

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No thoughts, or has everyone been sensible enough to avoid it?


metacritic could of told you it is rubbish. I never buy a game thats less than 80/100.

OK, I might miss a couple of under-rated gems but at least I dont end up with turkeys like Dark Void (58/100). Always wait a few weeks after release (except AAA titles) as they soon go down in price. Never paid more than £32 for an AAA title either (Uncharted2).

I'd get it on ebay fast before its price starts plummeting.

EDIT: too late - already down to £19.85 at shopto!

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58/100 is too kind. I would have been surprised if this got more than 3/10 as an average review. The game doesn't even feel like a beta more like an alpha release. The game needs at least another 6 months of development. Borrowing from friends proves a cheap and viable alternative to buying and means someone else has to swallow the turds whenever they crop up

I've stopped buying games at release unless I KNOW they are gonna be good, stuff like Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 2010, GTA IV....the rest I give it a couple of weeks, they usually drop in price quite a bit aswell.


I played the demo and its an absolute howler!!

I wouldn't have paid £10 for the game.


Oh no luck....hotukdeals.com/ite…And I still wouldn't pay £14.99 for it myself


Paddy Charlie;7751194

Oh no … Oh no luck....http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/601680/dark-void-14-99-xbox-360-ps3-play-c....And I still wouldn't pay £14.99 for it myself

must be the quickest £40 to £14.99 price drop ever. Its only been out 2 weeks!
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