Darkies Doomsday Prep Bunker

which one item would you bring.

if i like the sound of it i might let you in...choose wisely or take your chances with the cannibal zombies





Titanium cricket bat(when i am not zombie bashing just hope someone brings a cricket ball)

Someone with the physique and looks of Willa Holland but with the sense of humour of summerof76

I just had to OK

Anyway getting someone like that would be like getting a video of a pair of dodo's mating

A windup MP3 player

Now bare in mind that this is based on the assumption that somebody else will bring an oven (wood fired preferably), if wood fired another would have to bring some wood, another person will bring some flour, somebody else will bring some oil, somebody else will bring seasoning, another person will bring some tomatoes and another will bring some cheese and we will need some cutlery. One knife will do.

And I know what you are thinking - "This is based on an assumption? What are you talking about, Ross? Those are exactly what people will bring with them in the event of a zombie apocalypse!"

And I agree, but I didn't want to come across as cocksure.

Anyway, this is what I would bring:


The obvious advantages of bringing such an item include:

- Zombies want brains, not pizza. If I'm wearing this bad boy when out and about scavenging then they won't be coming near us (or me at least).

- With the impending apocalyptic doom it would be nice to have something to gaze upon which fills you with happiness. Pizza = happiness, therefore my pizza necklace would lift the spirits of all the survivors living in the bunker.

- The pizza will be forever preserved. A bastion of human civilisation. We built Stonehenge, we build the pyramids, our civilisations spanned the entire globe - but such feats pale in to insignificance once you taste that splendiferous cheese-topped slice of heaven.

- If ever a day comes where we run out of food then I.. errr we will have my glorious pizza slice to feast upon - sustaining us for one more day. Yes, that same slice which saved us from the zombies, lifted our spirits and preserved within its triangular magnificence the best of what humans had to offer would once again come to our aid in our time of need.

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