Darts 2007 World Championship

    Just thought I would mention, one of our lads is competing this year. I drink with him in our local.

    Phil Nixon won his first round against the 7th seed and is now playing Martin Atkins in the second round. Another hard game, wish him luck everyone as Phil is the rank outsider in this tournament.

    He actually made the seni-final a long time ago but he had personal problems at home (the poor blokes house burned down while he was playing the quarter finals and that messed his head up).

    He is getting on now but he still has the ability, lets hope he can do something special this year!!


    good luck to your mate Phil:thumbsup:

    missed the darts this year,hubby won't let me watch:-(

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    Lol, it's the other way around in my house.

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    Bloody heck, I missed it. He played tonight. Our lass turned it over to watch the Soaps!!!!!!!

    He is through to the quarter finals!!!

    Go Philly boy.

    Darts extra is on BBC2 right now till 2 am showing you all tonights games so I wil get to see how well he actually played in his win!!


    Blumming heck, he destroyed him. Well done Phil. Look forward to your next match!!

    don't see the point !!! he he

    a like the darts masell ma m8 used to play for scotland,so come on phil:thumbsup:

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    don't see the point !!! he he

    Try saying that to your everyday average bloke on my dorrstep called Phil Nixon who is now £30,000 richer and now number 2 in the world!!!

    Oh and he will be back next year to do it all agian. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    If in doubt just ask Phil, he will POINT you in the right direction.
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