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    Morning all, I'm looking for a decent dash camera. Any recommendations from what you have personally? As I'm unsure which to get. Open budget but cheaper the better :).



    have just purchased next base 312 (£82 amazon ) fairly impressed

    Rexing V1, excellent quality day and night, great features, sticks direct to windscreen so you can hide it behind the mirror.

    £50 from Amazon or £70 for the dual camera version.

    only downside is it only takes up to 32gb as but I think that's plenty anyway
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    here is some footage that I took with the Rexing, it ended up getting over a million views with all the various sources.…d5E

    Agreed, the Rexing is a good design.

    thinkware f770 fantastic camera. front and back great picture. and speed camera alerts.
    Love it

    I have a Transend 200, cheap and cheerful, really good quality for £50.

    View here for a YouTube review by Techmoan man.

    He provides numerous reviews for all things tech including DashCams on his YouTube channel, check him out.
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    Thanks all shall check out the above

    As I have just finished saying in another thread, avoid NextBase.
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