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Found 5th Feb
Hello guys just wanted your opinions on which front and rear cameras to buy for car? There are cheap ones are they worth it or should I go for expensive ones or mid range....
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£40-50 is about right for each and hopefully you'll get 2-3 years use. They tend to fail after a while prob due to being stuck in the hot sun or freezing cold for a lot of their life. Look for the 3M adhesive fitting rather than the suckers and don't forget to budget for mem cards
I tried cheap and found the detail (number plates) wasnt there. Things may have improved. Test one as though you were trying to identify a fast moving vehicle at the side of the frame
I like G1W's. Can usually be found for about £30 or less. One of mine is a "fake" (from ebay) but is just as good as my genuine G1W. Got one in front and another in the back. HD resolution is more than adequate, although forget about being able to read a number plate once the light is fading (probably no better on most other dashcams). My oldest is around 4 years old (if not more), and I bring them indoors when I get home since my car is a bit damp due to a leaky door seal.

I did have to open up my most recently bought G1W and adjust focus which was wrongly set however. No big deal.
Get nextbase cameras, they are endorsed by major insurers
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