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Found 16th Nov 2017
I'm looking to purchase a couple of dashcam's for our cars.

Hoping for something reasonably cheap, but then again it has to be of good enough quality should the footage need to ever be used (hopefully not).

Anyone got any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance
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There are a lot of dash cams out there I have bought so many over the years and from unbranded to the well know makes and found that you have to spend the money if your looking for a high quality image including a GPS I have two nextbase cameras a 512 in the front a next base 101 in the rear plus a DDPai which I use when parking as it has parking sleep mode which take one frame per sec in time lapse and full mode when movement or sound is detected plus can sent images to your phone but its not as good quality as the NextBase so only use it when I park
Thanks - The image quality doesn't have to be amazing, just good enough to be able to use as evidence if the situation ever arose (I assume being able to read a number plate).

How easy are these and any of the dashcams to 'wire up' ?
I think nextbase are unrivalled for what they offer, but a cheap and small alternative is the Mobius 1. Image quality is sufficient for day n night, and its small so can be hidden well.
Thank you. I'll take a look into the NextBase and Mobius dashcams.
Recently picked up the Yi dash cam, it's great! WiFi making it easier to grab the files you need etc, check out Techmoan on YouTube
Thanks for all the suggestions - I will continue my research.
happymanuk3 h, 47 m ago

How easy are these and any of the dashcams to 'wire up' ?

Depends on the car make if you're talking about hard wiring it to the car.

The easy option is to use your cigarette lighter port and run the cable in behind the windscreen seal to the dashcam.

This wasn't an option for me as my cigarette lighter port is housed inside a glossy and I didn't want it open and showing all the time.

Halfords will hard wire them for £30 on most cars, but I drive a 16 plate Merc which has fuses that they couldn't mess with, something about it being to high voltage and the dashcam being constantly on and potentially draining the battery when not in motion. I had to get Mercedes to bring in an "auto-electrician" to do the job properly.

I don't know how much that process actually cost, as they took care of it for me (long story) but I now have the Anker Roav Dashcam tucked away behind my rear view mirror and it comes on when I start the engine. The videos can go to a little library on my iPhone and i'm really happy with it.
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