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    The wife wants a Dashcam for Christmas it has to be small, I don't now anything about them, there are some many on ebay (wireless/Wi-Fi) - your recommendations please


    you can do a lot worse than have a good look through…am/

    I've got the Blusmart 1080p dashcam (…_15?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1479483591&sr=1-15&keywords=dash+cam)

    Its comes with a 16Gb card and is eay to use. Turns itself on when I start the car and records 10min sections on a loop.
    Images are good on 720p (which I use) and better with 1080p but you obviously can get less on the card with 1080p. My daughter has one too. I've hard wired mine to the fusebox so I can forget about it and not tie up the cigarette lighter socket. Its tidier too.

    nextbase 101 I've 2 one for back and one for front. just need a 32g sd card. they are currently 39.99 in halfords / curry's. as newer model 112 out. but the 101 are so good literally plug and play. she wouldn't be disappointed with that. good picture quality.

    I got Street Guardian and I'm happy with it. Expensive but really worth the money.

    Black vue...

    I have had two G Minis 0806 bother suffered faults and we're not overly straight forward to use however recorded very well.
    In contrast I have a drive pro 200 and it's been brilliant but it's not small I'm afraid.
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    I hear a lot of praise for the Mobius.

    I recently got the VANTRUE n1, both picture and sound is very good.

    As #6 says, the mini 806 was noted for issues, I have the 805 back and front, been in the car for 18mths with no probs. They are also very small.

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    Thank you to everyone who has replied, time to buy one, will update when I pick one

    go to Techmoans Youtube channel and have a look.

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