Posted 14th Apr 2016
I am in the market for a cheap HD dashcam that is removable, easy to use and good quality video. There are loads on Amazon and eBay but I was hoping some of you have personal recommendations.

I have had one too many idiots cut me off recently, dangerously overtake and the final straw came last week when someone tried to pull an insurance scam on me.

She was waiting at an island, I stopped to let her go, she didn't, until I moved forward (and emergency braked) then she *pretended* I had hit her when I was at least a metre away!! Amazing actress fell on the floor and started rolling. Luckily a jogger saw the whole thing and I then lied and said I had a camera too. She then she swore at me in what I believe to be Romanian and ran off!!

I would prefer something less than £50 if possible. Many thanks!
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