Dashcamera Around £40

    best dash camera out there for around £40 mark.

    Please suggest with link and why

    Thanks in advance


    I've read that ones with capacitor batteries are the way to go. This is probably the best for what you want to pay. You can get these cheaper from places like gear best if you don't mind the wait.
    dash cam clicky link

    This is a good one but more £20 than you want to pay click here for dash cam

    I cannot help.

    I could say make sure you get one that you can hardware up (very easy 2 do and alot of videos on youtube on how 2 do them)

    But thought i would add this.

    Kenwood dvr-410 (RRP £150-180) got mines for £80,
    I hard-wired (took me 5mins 2 do this and test then around 10-20mins to install it and run the wires so they cannot be seen) it up so if my car get a bump wile parked it will start recording, it has other safety thing, collection alerts, departure delay warning and lane departure warning but i have turned these off. i did keep departure delay warning on for a bit longer but decided to turn this off.
    Also has GPS and can be turned off. As some are scared to have GPS on in case something happens and they cannot use the video in case they where speeding.
    Video quality is very good and much better then I expected.

    Only thing missing with it is rear view cam that records.…10/
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    this is the one I have which is nice and discrete behind the rear view mirror.…tml

    Google e-prance. I have one of these. Pretty good for the money
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