Data Bundles on Mobile Contracts

    I've currently got the unlimited Web Browsing bolt-on with my o2 Simplicity contact, however when I spoke to Customer Services they explained it only covers Web Browsing and E-mails, not downloading of attachments or anything else.

    With the Symbian version of Spotify Premium under development, I'm interested in getting a data contract that will allow me to downloading music on the move should the mood take me. Do the other operators have a similar caveat on their inclusive data bundles? Any recommendations?


    thats bollo cks

    i use my internet on o2 for downloading all sorts of (admittedly small) things

    also used it for streaming internet radio etc

    They might be referring to the 'fair use' policy. If you're streaming for a few hours a day, or downloading large files you'll soon exceed what the networks deem as 'unlimited'...

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    Ah, thanks! I'll suck it and see when it becomes available, try downloading a couple of tracks initially and then check my bill. In the main I'll download music using WiFi at home for offline use. Can't wait for Spotify on Symbian to be released
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