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Moving home, but broadband due to be moved in a week so will be without for that time.
any cheap-ish deals on data only or hotspots with decent data?
Need it for just that period of time.
PS> i know about tethering etc - cant do that I'm afraid

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I brought one of these last year on the same deal, best option i could find better then direct from vodafone…tml

The 50GB deal for vodafone is plenty even when using with netflix , just keep the quality to a lower setting.
Normally requires a contract or a lot of money for a week
Maybe look into a SIM free unlocked mobile hotspot then stick a cheap sim only SIM in it
Example via PAYG Three SIM:
obtain any old but functional unlocked-to-Three Android handset running Lollipop, say £5-£10 if you don't have one kicking around a drawer.
FoxFi App plus £7.49 FoxFi key from Play Store.
Then hospot tether or bluetooth tether or USB tether using FoxFi from the handset via your choice of one-off PAYG add-ons, random examples: 12GB @ £20, 20GB @ £25, genuinely unlimited GB @ £35.…_Go…xfi…key
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