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Found 16th Jan 2009
I realise that this is a rather niche request, but I am hoping someone might have the answers I crave...

I am after some much needed guidance on how to recover my data. I have a dual bay NAS that has two 500GB drives in it, setup as RAID 1. I accidentally deleted the user on the NAS and now I cannot access the files. Both disks are in perfect working order. I have done some basic scans on the drives and there are many files that have been found, but these tend to be fragments, with only a small percentage being full files. Can anyone offer me any advice as to how I might be able to recover my data? I have tried R-Studio (mac version) with limited success.



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formatted as raid 1, thats mirrored so just remove the drive from chassis, attach it locally to a machine, log on to the mach with an admnistrator account and take ownership of the drive in permisssions.
All data should then be available unless there is something else you haven't mentioned.(like its a mac?) in which case you will need to figure out how to edit the file system permissions but the theory is the same
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