Data Recovery (damaged hard drive)

Found 21st Feb 2005
Does anyone know of a good/cheap data recovery company? I dropped my PowerBook and it seems the write/read heads are damaged. The cheapest quote I have so far is £375 + VAT to get the data off


Edit: Oh and I've tried software solutions already but because it appears to be a physical damage they can't help...
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Do you have insurance against accidental damage? If you do, you may be insured for expenses incurred by dropping your laptop. Or your insurance company may be able to organise having your data recovered without you having to pay anything more than your excess.
Thanks for the suggestions Christmasshopper, unfortunately I"m not covered under anything so it's going to be all from my pocket I'll try to think of if there's anything though...

Rayman - Thanks for the links, I phoned most of them and the average they want is about £600 or more. The first place I called above seems the most reasonable and they're really nice. They're called DataClinic.
Phew! sounds like data recovery is the business to be in :shock: . DataClinic is the last link I put in above.

£600 is really unbelievable, enough to shock into making as many backups as you can... ugh.

Good idea Christmasshopper, some home contents cover you for accidental damage, worth the mention.
Whoops! Data Clinic were really nice and helpful actually but I went with disklabs.com/ as they offer special discounts to students, NHS workers etc. I'll wait to see how they do on the drive before I wholeheartedly recommend them though!

The problem is that the drive is physically damaged and to take it apart you need a Class 100? clean room with no particles or dust because just a tiny particle of dust on the platters will ruin your drive. My only hope is that I didn't ruin it too much trying to recover the data with software
did you try connecting it as a slave to another computer? You might have been able to read your data then...
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