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    My PC crashed today which meant I had to do a fresh install of the operating system and any suequent software. This rewrote the whole hard-drive. Unfortunately I hadnt done a recent backup so I have lost alot of pictures, music, videos and important documents. I know i wont have lost the info, its probably still there.:(

    Is there any software one would recommend that would retrieve alot of the folders. Preferably free but im willing to pay if its the best software available.

    Your insight would be greatly appreciated as I know I should have done a recent back up but hadnt.

    Currently use Dell PC with Home Vista Basic as the operating system.

    Many thanks in advance to all that respond:)


    This'll do the job
    Re-installing your OS after a crash probably wasn't the best solution, you could have taken that hdd out put in a new one install OS on that and copy your files from the old one using a USB caddy!?

    My pc crashed after a hard drive failure a few yeasr back & I thought I'd lost the full monty.

    However, quite some time later, I found a couple of sizeable directories, the names of which escape me for the time being, but something like file000.chk ( or similar ).

    exploring into these found the my documents folder from previous install along with wheen of other stuff that windows had cleverly stashed away during the failure.

    To be honest, I'm absolutely shattered just now as new borm baby just arrived home & I've been doing all the running about & I'm too tired to research it or install the old drives that have the files to check the folder names.

    suggest doing a disc search for *.jpg you might be lucky... I was. !

    Another time after a compact flash card failure, I used 'filesaver' to recover most of the photos. very preciousones of my first born. This site I think - worked fine and quite inexpensive!…te/

    night night & good luck !

    If necessary, PM me and I'll check the file names when I'm not sleeping - though probablynot necesary as you coudl just search for folders 'greater than' a certain size. I'm sure they weere on the root directory. Sorry for garbled rumblings - awfully tired :lazy:


    Firstly stop using the computer as by going on the internet you are over writting even more of the files with images and files. Take the hard drive out and put it into a USB caddy then plug into a different computer.

    R-Studio is the best I've ever used. Can get it from the usual :pirate: places

    NEVER ,re-install your OS if you get a system crash and need to get your data off .Take the hard drive out and link it to another PC as a slave or to a PC/laptop using one of those IDE/SATA to USB devices.If the drive is clicking or has a another hardware failure then you may not be able to retrieve data at all ,but for corrupt files this is the easiest way to get data back.Once your data is safe ,put the drive back into your PC and try to recover .If that doesn't work ,just re-install your windows .When your up and running ,start backing up on a regular basis in case it happens again .
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