Data sim for holiday to Portugal

    Can anyone point me in the right direction.I'm wanting to buy a data sim for my mifi dongle to use in Portugal.I haven't a clue where to look.
    Thanks in advance


    i was there recently.
    wasn't sure if i should've paid in advance for an allowance in advance so waited til i got there.
    was met with a vodafone store at the airport.....€15 payg with some data I think (from memory) for the phone. couldn't get a data only sim for iPad etc so not sure if their market accommodates that
    ended up surviving on wifi from cafés, pubs and hotels.

    You can get a Vodafone data only sim, costs €15 but that gives credit of €10 I think, on topup you can opt for either Gb or time, unless you are downloading loads of stuff I would recommend Gb. You get either 1 Gb per euro or one hour

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    We would survive on wifi but the hotel we're going to has a poor setup.Ive looked on eBay but the sims look expensive.£8.99 for a sim which gives you 39c per mb which isn't much
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