date of birth wrong on passport

Found 25th Mar 2016
hi, hope ll get some advise
on my daughter, s passport date of birth is written wrong. I did not notice when recieve which i admit is a big mistake. now it is going to expire and while filling form for renew I notice the error in DOB( written 25th may instead of 25th july).
my question is can it get rectify and what I have to do?
it is also passport isueing authority ,s mistake as her birth certificate was sent with passport form.
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Resolving errors on passports - including personal visits

When a passport is issued with an error, the IPS has an obligation to rectify
the mistake as quickly as possible. However, as we have a strict one passport
per person policy, we should not normally replace the passport unless the
passport has been returned. For exceptional circumstances see below.
If an error is identified after an application is passed for issue this cannot be
rectified on the passport until after the passport is printed and the number is
allocated. A replacement passport should not be re-issued until the passport
has been returned from DX Secure. The examiner can complete the re-issue
once the printed passport has been returned to them for cancellation. This
underlines the need to ensure that applications that are passed for issue do
not contain errors in personal details. Where a guaranteed fast track is
applied for, the passport must be returned before a further passport may be
re-issued. If appropriate, the passport may be sent via the Local Print room to
ensure any guaranteed service is met.
Staff must not re-bar code an application in order to re-issue a passport.

Error resolved by post

Where there is time for the situation to be resolved by the post, and the
passport holder has brought the passport into the counter, the counter
examiner should arrange for the passport to be returned to the original issuing
office, marked for the attention of the issuing officer, so that a replacement
passport can be issued.
Documentation required to rectify the error should be requested.
Error to be resolved by personal visit to the issuing office
Where there is insufficient time for the situation to be resolved by post, the
customer should be asked to call at the Regional Office who issued the
passport so that a replacement may be issued.
The examiner who originally authorised the issue of the passport should
rectify the error if they are in the office. If they are not available, their line
manager should arrange for someone else to deal with it.
If the examiner needs to see further documentation, e.g. a birth certificate, the
applicant should be asked to bring the document with them so that the details
can be confirmed.
Where it is not practicable for the customer to call at the Regional Office that
issued the passport, the travel date is imminent and the office is clearly at
fault, the use of couriers may be exceptionally agreed on the authorisation of
an HEO/SEO as agreed locally, to retrieve the existing passport and deliver
the replacement.

Error to be resolved by another office

If it is preferable for the applicant to call at an office other than the original
issuing office, the examiner must contact the counter manager at the
alternative office to obtain a name and contact telephone number for the
applicant, and to ensure that the office is prepared for the visit.
The examiner should make a premium service appointment for the applicant,
either via Teleperformance or with the office chosen, and advise the customer
accordingly. If the alternative office is London, the customer will be seen at
the 1st floor counter without an appointment.
Where there are no appointment slots available, the examiner should arrange
with the counter manager at the alternative office for the customer to be seen
without an appointment. Care should be taken to ensure that sufficient time is
allowed to process any reissue when arranging the personal visit, and
customers should be advised that the guaranteed service is 4 hours.
The original application should be clearly noted on the system Passport
Notes, by the original examiner, to explain that the passport has been issued
in error and that an appointment has been made for the customer to call at
....... office, with a complete application form, supporting documents, two
photographs and the erroneously-issued passport.

A completed application form, supporting documentation to clarify the error,
photographs, and the passport with the error on it, will be required because,
for security reasons, the system will not allow an office other than the
originating office to reissue a passport. If the passport was originally issued on
the system, a countersigned application form will not be necessary.
The passport should be replaced free of charge with no request for a premium
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My last passport the d,o,b was wrong i didn't tell them it was never noticed

My last passport the d,o,b was wrong i didn't tell them it was never … My last passport the d,o,b was wrong i didn't tell them it was never noticed

at ur present passport is it correct 1 or still wrong?
why not call the passport office when they're open as they are very helpful in my experience.

at ur present passport is it correct 1 or still wrong?

I never renewed it i t expired 3 years ago ,i will when the kids get up a bit .
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