Datel PSP Battery

Just wondering if anyone had seen this from Datel:…SHC

From what it says on the tin (and some forums) you can downgrade your PSP with one of these. Wondering if anyone had tried it and if it worked?


Yes i think you can!

You can make your own. Datal just stole the info and are making money off it - seeing it was a hacker group they know they won't be sued.

Yeah i think you can too.

As alternate said it is another case of someone stealing the original free info and selling it (Like HD Advanced for PS2) just Google it (Pandora Battery) and the original instructions aren't hard to find/download.

And yes you can, to answer your original question.

Original Poster

Yeah I've been researching into it. You still need an already downgraded PSP to make the Pandora Battery and using the Datel Battery.

quick question, will you need to create the magic memory card for this to work???

Yes, you will need to create the magic memory card for this to work. Datel doesn't give you the info on where to get what you need to make the memory card,either. Have a look at the comment left by someone who has bought one of these on amazon - he has uploaded a pic of the info sheet that comes with the battery and bolded the bit which tells you you need additional software, but doesn't tell you where to get that software.
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