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Posted 2nd Oct 2022 (Posted 12 h, 44 m ago)
Please can anyone recommend a dating app for a serious relationship? I wanted to try e-harmony, but the reviews are not good enough. Thanks.
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    hotukdeals - then you know they won't be offended when you get the cheap meal deal option!
    There's even a dedicated love emoji
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    Trying to meet someone on the internet smacks of desperation... follow B Marvel's advice. What is meant to be, will be... if not, then that's how it is... dating apps are designed to take your money, pure and simple. Don't despair and be patient, love always finds a way.... (edited)
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    I would advise you not to use dating apps as they are not designed to actually help you. 

    Maybe pick up a hobby or 2 that allows you to meet new people. 
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    Are you a bird?
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    Facebook dating maybe.
    Used wedding dress on Facebook marketplace is a great way to find freshly new singles
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    I wouldn’t say dating apps are or a scam or expensive as there are plenty of free ones - not everyone has the ability to afford ones you have to pay for, so just go on a couple of free ones such as tinder/number and be very honest in what your looking for and no doubt there will be someone else looking for the same thing. Wish you all the luck