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Found 9th Nov 2009
She's started working (I know, so proud I've managed to produce a teen with a work ethic!) and just got her first pay...cheque. Who knew people still used these things? :P Anyway, it's crossed and whilst I can (and have!) advance her, she clearly needs a current account.

So, who has the best deals/sweetners out there for teens at the mo? If we/I can earn a few quid out of the banks, mores the better! (I am a member with quidco if that's the best option).

Many thanks in advance for your advice!


hailfax do a card for 14-18 year old its called visa electron pretty much the only diffrence is you cant use them abroard i still have mine atm cause my card hasnt exspiard yet and its hooked to my paypal, car insurance i use it at all shops and pubs i go to, so yea might be worth looking into, hope this helps!!!

My children did ok with the Coop Bank. Started very young.
Birthday cards, plastic giveaways, interest and £10 annual bonus
Only of use till 18 though and no cheque book. They can only take money out of machines but not very much each day until they become 16.

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I'll take a gander at both, thanks...

Still hoping there will be one that offers hard cash as an incentive! Even if it's through a cashback site.

only 1 on quidco that might give cashback for a child's account seems to be HSBC. They give £20 "for opening a genuine new bank account".

But they dont say if its for all accounts or not, still you only need to put in £1 to open an account so no risk really.

Childs account is called "My Savings" for 7 - 17 years olds.

MySavings (7-17 year olds)Open your account with as little as £1.
Gives a great rate of interest so you can watch your money grow. The more you save, the more you earn!
You can access your savings at any HSBC counter using your cash withdrawal book. Remember, if you are under 11 years old and want to withdraw or transfer over £50, you'll need your parent or guardian's signature.

MyAccount (age 11-17 year olds)At the age of 11, you will also get your very own current account.
You will receive a cash card giving you balance details and free withdrawals at any HSBC cash machine.
At age 13, you can have a debit card (with parent permission) which allows you to buy online and in shops.
You can't go overdrawn, so don't worry – you can't spend more than you have available.
You can top up your mobile phone at HSBC cash points using your MyAccount card.
We also have Hints and Tips on managing money
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