Daughters Pride ring or other customizable ring best price?

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Found 17th Dec 2008
It's a Canadian (I think?) tradition in some places to give your daughter a ring symbolizing something or other, I don't know, but apparently it's time for my little sister to get hers and my mum wanted to know what price she's looking at.

It's gotta be gold (of any quality) and have three stones, although the stones don't need to be precious. The stones need to be coloured certain colours and put in a certain order to match, so it probably needs to be customizable.

Anyone know of anything like this?

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they have her birth stone in the center and her parents birth stones either side ... something you would have to get made ... and that part i cant help with sorry ....
might help to say where you are though

this is a canadian site they might ship to the uk though

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