Dave the TV channel

    Has anybody noticed that on Sky (may be virgin and others) a new channel has appeared called DAVE.

    What a name for a TV channel.... What next the Fred channel. lol


    The innit channel innit

    its on freeview,noticed last night.

    Looks a good channel.
    Red Dwarf is on now

    has it replaced uk gold?


    has it replaced uk gold?

    I think it replaced some history channel

    Original Poster

    no but it is run by uk gold, i think

    i thought it had replaced the uk history channel but on retuning box it moves and history channel is still there - hubby likes that one...

    It's good to see Bottom after all these years

    It has replaced UKTV g2 but UKTV Bright Ideas has closed to. On Freeview UKTV History is now in UKTV Bright Idea's old slot (with less hours)

    Only good thing to say about Dave is TOP GEAR RERUNS :w00t:

    as per previous post, it's only UKTVG2 rebranded, still the same programmes, just a strange choice of new name!

    I don't know why the hell they changed it... it was fine as UKTVG2. But it does sound better "I'm watching Dave". Yeahhhhhhh

    Well on freeview its C19 which was UKTV Bright Ideas so not withstanding the Top Gear episodes i'm a tad annoyed. No more DIY programs for me to waste my time on :-(

    To be honest, the program lineup on Dave at the moment is pretty dire, definately no competition for V1. Might as well have called it Nuts2.

    I saw an advert and didnt believe it was actually called dave, looked it up and it was!

    lol, they show all of the kind of shows I love to watch. Nothing more, nothing less. I was telling my friend about it earlier and said very loudly "I LOVE DAVE SO MUCH!!" and got some funny looks.

    I like this quote from their website: "This is particularly exciting if you happen to be called Dave, because you can pretend that we named a television channel after you. Your mates will be amazed."

    Anyone for some Whose Line is It Anyway? :-D I honestly can't sleep at night now. Well, only after 3am.

    I'm sure they named it Dave to trick me into saying things like "Dave keeps me awake til 3am every night"... evil, spiteful people.

    Sorry for this reall messy and disjointed post, I'm just typing as I think. For those who'd like to know, it's owned by UKTV which is a join venture between BBC Worldwide (the commercial arm of the BBC) and Virgin Media.

    I's very confusing:
    BBC --> BBC WorldWide
    BBC WorldWide + Virgin Media --> UKTV
    UKTV --> DAVE.

    *End of post*
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