David Hasslehoff Sings America CD £427.99 at amazon.co.uk - hot or not?

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Found 29th Jun 2008
I stumbled across David Hasslehoff Sings America cd at amazon and thought I would tell you. This discovery coincided with my watching America's Got Talent and lo and behold - who do I see but The Hoff himself on the judges panel.
For the grand sum of £427.99 you can own this 4.5 star rated cd - but, hey, you get free super saver delivery! lol. But be quick - only two left in stock.


Scary thing is, I think this is real as it's genuinely on the amazon.co.uk website!


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Sorry!! Didn't see. Please expire then. I still can't believe it!!

I work for a UK music distro and we used to actually sell this, but then the UK rights ran out... I do have a copy of this, it's so cheesy and the photos are hilarious, maybe I should put this on marketplace lol

Check out one of the reviews..... ROFFPMSL :w00t:

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As hypnotic as an otter smoking a banana..., 20 Mar 2007
By Mr. M. P. Corner (Heaven) - See All My Reviews

Yesterday, I was given this CD as a gift. I can now quite categorically say, that this CD is the newest in my collection. I can also say, without pausing or hesitating that listening to this CD is quite LITERALY like thrashing around uncontrollably in sexual chocolate.

Many have likened David's voice to an enraged Hippo attempting to dislodge some Elk bones from its layrinx, whilst this may be true - it does nothing to describe the sheer delight, nay arousal, that can be felt whilst listening to these terrific tracks.

Not since Paul Shane sang 'You've lost that loving feeling' many years ago on Pebble Mill have I felt such sexual excitement. It was tantamount to being gently fellated by Angeline Jolie, twice. This CD has left me feeling both incredibly aroused and also completely at peace with myself, the world and stuff.

I re-mortgaged my house and got a loan to buy a few copies of this CD, might explain why there was only 2 in stock - sorry guys, it was meeeeee! :evil:

They are paying £428 for people to take it?


Im sure someone has posted these reviews before.......they are … Im sure someone has posted these reviews before.......they are fabulous...(cd isnt though!!!)Rep given...... I'd forgotten how funny it was!!:p

I went and bought a copy because of the reviews

Has anybody ACTUALLY bought this?



Has anybody ACTUALLY bought this?ITS A RIP OFF!!!

You obviously dont appreciate good music.

We are talking about re worked masterpieces such as La Isla Bonita and Raindrops' sung by the man who single handedly re-united east and western Germany with his rendition of "jump in my car".

Twenty million Germans cant be wrong.... can they ? ;-)
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