David Haye Press Confrence Today on SSN!

    Any of you guys see it?

    Pretty random.

    Nov 7th - David Haye may die! Hopefully not!


    Who is he?

    thought it was cringeworthy

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    Who is he?

    David Haye is a british professional boxer who is the number one contender for the WBA heavyweight title. Who is going to fight a complete beast of a man from Russia called Nikolay Valuev!

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    thought it was cringeworthy

    haha deffinately! Was different!


    Who is he?

    Haye on the right...

    Valuev is a beast!


    Haye on the left...[COLOR="Red"]Valuev is a beast![/COLOR]


    Bear in mind that David Haye (who is on the right btw) is 6'3" / 6'4" :w00t:


    Haye on the left...Valuev is a beast!

    Valuev on the the left

    Shaggy on the right :w00t:

    he looks scary doesn't he? David hayes is on the lighter side of heavywights, so it will be very tough for him

    Valuev is just a monster with a jab. Hes lucky the Heavyweight division is so rubbish now, if its was 10 years ago no-one would know who he is.


    +1Bear in mind that David Haye (who is on the right btw) is 6'3" / 6'4" … +1Bear in mind that David Haye (who is on the right btw) is 6'3" / 6'4" :w00t:

    You know it's a bad day when you forget your left and right!! lol

    Just to clarify, Haye is on the right, not the left, my bad. :oops:

    And yes, he's 6'2, so not tiny.


    Valuev on the the leftShaggy on the right :w00t:…mJY

    Pause at 49 secs for the truth :w00t:
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