'Day after Tomorrow DVD' at Filmnight

    FilmNight is the cheapest place I have found this DVD (£9.59). Anyone know of a cheaper place or any codes for FilmNight?


    Thats a good price, Amazon are doing it for £10.99 & £11.99

    (edited sendit link)

    Or if you have a multi region DVD player - CD-WOW has the two disc version on region 3 for £10.99p

    Using one of the vouchers (you can claim five) from here: CLICK HERE TO CLAIM 5 £1.00p VOUCHERS

    Then close your browser - return to this page + CLICK HERE FOR 10% OFF

    Should make it a total of £8.89p for the two disc set.

    rayman, we do exceed ourselves don't we? :lol: :lol:

    *claps for rayman and self*

    :lol: :lol:

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    Thanks everyone.

    Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 days.

    I thought it would be the day after tomorrow


    I thought it would be the day after tomorrow


    I think if you enter EMAIL6 as your voucher code at filmnight it gives you 5% off.

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    Yes entering EMAIL6 at the Film Night website gave an extra 50p of the price I had. seems to be cheapest in this instance though, especially with the greasy palm points.

    Many thanks all.


    I thought it would be the day after tomorrow


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    Ordered from Sendit after.
    However signed up and it displayed the £2 voucher but expiry date said sometime in September and when paying for the DVD it wouldn't accept it

    Could have cancelled and saved £1 elsewhere but thought I would chance it so ordered anyway and e-mailed Sendit asking them to credit me with the £2 - you never know :roll:

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    Just received a reply from SendIt

    Sorry but the offer you refer to was a promotion from the Wanadoo website … Sorry but the offer you refer to was a promotion from the Wanadoo website andthis was removed from their site last Wednesday. I am not sure where you aregetting the link that takes you straight to our site (and obviously the linkthat would generate a link under this offer) but it is now out of date - theoffer is no longer on the Wandadoo website. While you may be able to'generate' a code by going to the link on our site this promotion has nowfinished.We are running a new promotion now which is listed directly on our website andis not a link through - the details can be found listed at the following link: you have any other queries please do get back in touch.Regards,Lynne

    :? At least there was a link to a new promotion :?

    davemichael- That SendIt voucher has been deleted from the listing....sorry about that

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    Can you delete it from 'Slinks' message above?
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