Day Trip To London

    I'm going on a day trip to London with some buddies and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for what to do, we are going to the british museum but I was hoping there might be offers for the london dungeons or something of that nature, y'know?

    any help would be much appreciated, rep will be added if that's an incentive for anyone.


    Depends what you're into, but the Natural History museum is always good.

    Something different, The Great Pancake race at 12.30 tomorrow:…tml

    Goodness me! There is LOADS to do!

    Like the chappie above said that link should help?

    Also look on ] and perhaps I live in the Great Grey City, so I am used to it on a daily basis. In fact have been to the London Dungeons nt that long ago! Shame I couldn't leave the other half there - but thats another story!
    Tower Bridge - you can walk to the top of it...

    Tower 42 you can go up there (Great views) Used to be called Nat West Tower)
    There are some grest tings to so and see on ] too, they have a guide there I seem to remember?
    Timeout is as good as any though I agree.

    The Parks, Tower of London (near to Tower Bridge)..SHOPS! (And PLENTY of them!)
    errrr.... ....
    Honestly there is soooo much to see.....
    It all depends on how much time you have? Also you ought to properly plan it....Otherwise it never seems to work

    A show even?

    A CAT like show perhaps??


    The Lion King!!


    One of the most memorable things my kids said they liked was going to the Bank of England Museum and being able to hold a bullion bar (really heavy!)

    Are you going by train?
    There are lots of offers of BOGOF tickets when you have a train ticket.

    Try What To Do In London .com

    Or The Jack The Ripper Tour Thats Not Bad

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone rep 4 all. But I'm thinking of cheap stuff, can't afford to see cats or other shows. Also i'm not taking the train as I live close to bristol so can get the national express for about a tenner =) but one of my friends might take a train.

    I think I might go to the scientology building on oxford st and get a free personality test just for laughs.

    If your into science try the science museum next to the natural history museum both free.

    Hi fully_automatic, you should go to the South bank by the london eye and see all the street performers. Its free and fun to join in. Nearest tube: embankment or westminster. Have a great day in London

    Original Poster

    churrzzzz everyone

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