Daylight Savings special offer - FREE 1 Hour for everyone on current BST! @ Royal Observatory Greenwich

Posted 24th Oct 2020
Royal Observatory Greenwich have a fantastic offer officially starting at 2am on Sunday 25th October. You will need to claim your free hour before 28th March 2021. It's best not to leave it too long though as it can cause quite a few issues. I know this offer usually comes up this time of year but thought it would be best to remind ones that have missed out previously.

Some have reported in previous years that they have claimed the offer at middnight, this apparently has no adverse affect on space time continuum.

WARNING! Some people have reported the followimg side affects

* Being late
* Felling more awake as usual bed time
* Hunger about an hour before regular meal times
* Confusion and repeating sentences such as " It's 10pm now but actually it's 11pm really isn't it?"
* Anger - usually when trying to change time on oven or car clock.

*please note this offer is not available to those currently on GMT or outside the GMT/BST time zone. Shipping might be extra to NI or the Highlands, it usually is.
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