daytrip ruined !!!!

    :w00t: went pillion on my husbands bike today for a wee run and a spot of lunch!then to my horror realised it was friday the 13th !!!!! couldnt relax after realising this just incase something terrible would happen.glad nothing happened but spoilt my day just thinking about it .


    it was at the back of my mind all day too.




    erm:? i think so lol.

    My friday 13th was brilliant. Got promoted at work, 33% payrise, got taken out for lunch, then got given a corporate ticket to arsenal v bolton. Days dont get much better than that!

    33% pay rise!!!!

    Yeah, feel a bit embarrassed but very pleased at the same time!!

    I'm sure most people would want to make a song and dance about it!

    33% is very good though, some spare for extra deals now!!

    Didn't realize until I read this, and now its gone so good ha...:p
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