dbox/starview/eurovox/dreambox cable box

Found 12th Feb 2009
could someone recommend a decent cable box which is easy to use and update? i don't really know the pros and cons between the brands
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Dbox - Good and powerful but more complicated to fix

Starview - Simple not as many features as dbox but simple to fix

Id recommend a starview4 and then get a large external harddrive.
are these ready to use out of the box i.e. just scan for channels

or do they require softmodding/custom firmare?

out of interest what extra features can you get from the linux ones over say starview or eurovox?
right what happens is generally when you buy them from the supplier they do not put the software on for you as its illegal, but they give it to you for 'educational purposes'. With the starview they should give you 2 files, the loader and the software and its literally a wo click thing to get it onto the box. For this you need an rs 232 cable which im selling for two pound in another thread.

With the dbox you have a whole image which sometimes arent complete which are also provided this require an ftp client and a whole lot more setting up and its just hassle.

With the linux ones you can get some basic games like tetris, snake etc also you can get the picture to come onto the little lcd screen.

for a beginner who wants a no trouble box id recommend starview, for someone whos up for a challenge id recommend the dbox but i havent tried the eurovox, theres also the krypview arnet but again i havent tried that.
with a starview 4 can it not be updated via the USB drive?
im not sure, but i dont think so.


the serial cable
I'm pretty sure they come with the firmware on most of the time, mine from ebay did anyway.
You just have to turn the illegal decryption bit on in the menus..

and im almost certain the lastest few can be updated from usb.

I would also recommend a starview, i have a starview 2, it has a few problems such as the poor EPG and no record function but these have been sorted by version 4.
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