DCBL debt recovery - Highview (Tesco) parking fine

Posted 22nd Jun 2020
3 years ago I had a few parking tickets for parking in tesco as I used to park there when I couldn’t get a parking space at my job which was across the road.

They sent me reminders but colleagues just told me to ignore them and I did, they went away and I haven’t heard from them in over a year but on wednesday I received letters from someone now called DCBL a notice of charge on behalf of highview parking, at the bottom of the letter it says as featured on the TV programme can’t pay well take it away.

I am getting really concerned about what to do, they are asking £140 each and I have a good few tickets. They are saying this could be escalated to a CCJ. Do I continue to ignore them? Do I try and fight my case or just pay them?

At the end of the letter it says “this case is not subject to high court or bailiff action” Surely this means they aren’t going to do anything if I don’t pay?

I lost my job and there is no way I could afford this. How serious is this, and has anyone had any run in’s with them?
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