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According to Whois.com website registered in April 2016, however the identity of the registrant is being protected by a 3rd party company which in my mind is not true transparency of a company acting legitimately.
According to Scamadviser.com website activity shows as ‘Suspicious’.
The website shows the full name of company to be DC Digital Entertainment Ltd which according to Companies House shows year end accounts overdue bearing in mind the company was only registered in March 2016 and this would be their first years trading accounts.
Also shows company Nature of business as
47429 - Retail sale of telecommunications equipment other than mobile telephones
However website clearly shows a sale section dedicated to mobile phones and leading brands.

All of the above are major Red Flags and personally I would AVOID like the plague.
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Just realised that on Companies House website you can search for companies by the officer name. Subsequently I searched for Dominic Colombo (officer for DC Digital Entertainment Ltd) and lo and behold found his name and same address as an officer for Servicescope Ltd which is a now dissolved company no longer allowed to trade via a compulsory strike off.
The brass neck of some scammers eh?
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Thank you. When it seems too good to be true....
I am less cynical. The company appears to have a somewhat casual attitude to various disclosures but the landline telephone number, physical premises address and Facebook page appear credible and commensurate with a young company. Grade A TVs are stated to have a 5 year return-to-base warranty with shipping funded by the customer, but no immediately obvious definition of who pays the cost of returning a repaired item to the customer, or what warranty is offered for non-garde-A TVs or other items - these are the sort of questions I would be looking for (acceptable) written confirmation of prior to considering any further interest. Online payment is said to be processed by Barclays EPDQ merchant system and if so there would be S75 protection on purchases of every single £100+ item if paid directly to merchant by credit card, not debit card. Besides the casual (lack of) disclosures, the only indicator to caution would be the offer of 10% discount if paying via bank transfer.
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