Found 7th Nov 2016
Thinking about a new project so after any recommendations for a proven but inexpensive DD-WRT router. Uptime is paramount in this case...


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I have it running pretty sound on Netgear WNR2200. I'm not saying the router is great, but its cheap and runs DD-WRT.

I use a buffalo WHR-HP-G54 flashed with dd wrt. Will power from a 2amp USB charger which is well handy although I use a Sony PS portable game transformer I bought from a car boot sale £2 as has the correct fitting already. The buffalo can be hardware hacked with adding a sd card and fans if needed. I adjusted the power output within software to cover the house and no problems with signal or over router getting hot. I was so pleased with it I bought a spare router as dirt cheap a few years back as loads on ebay. Think I paid £10 for 1 and £6 for the spare. You might get lucky and find one cheap although im thinking of selling the spare now as just seen the price of a few on ebay.

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Thanks for the pointers. I want to steer clear from too old a device (say nothing older than 2 years) since it also appears that I may need 3g/4g dongle support via USB and/or external disk access. Ideally something that can be supported with the most recent firmware rather than support ending at a certain revision level.


lots of TP-links support DDWRT and can be had for £30ish

I use a £20 Xiaomi Mini, supports 5ghz and 802.11AC up to 1167mbps. It didn't have dd-wrt support last time I looked (about 6 months ago), but it has open-wrt support and I run Padavan firmware on mine.

This is it:…=21

There's a newer version but I'm not sure if that has custom firmware yet, although I think it has the same chipset.
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Quick update - not making much meaningful progress identifying a suitable DD-WRT router paired with a 4G dongle. I'm finding that I am flipping between the two supported devices lists far too often but then not there appears not to be much consistency between reports with those using the same devices.

This whole experience has had me looking at another draytek router either with inbuilt 4G or with a suitable dingle.


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Ok, so decided to go for the Asus 4G-AC55U. From what I can tell, it has all this in a single box with added VPN server/client functionality inbuilt within the firmware.

DD-WRT does not yet appear to support embedded LTE modems so I would require both a base router and a 4G USB dongle. What made matters further complicated is that there appears to be little consistency in the reports for a suitable dongle/DD-WRT router pairing. Similarly, a Draytek equivalent is the 2860ln but retailing at £300+ and none on ebay, the alternative is the non-L variant with USB dongle. Once again and quite frustratingly, reports are abound that Draytek's compatibility list should be taken with a pinch of salt so either you will not get the full performance of the 4G dongle or trial and error with the configuration. In any event, i soon realised that a combined draytek/dongle solution is not as cost effective as the single-box Asus.

If there is any interest I will report back on results.

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