DD-WRT / Tomato etc compatible router with large memory

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a router which is compatible of running the above or similar with more then 8mb memory, the reason why I wanted a bigger memory was just to future proof it and maybe add more packages like snort etc, I've been looking for ages but cant find one with a large enough memory, if worse comes to worse 4meg would be fine but I'm struggling with even that!.
I saw play.com/PC/…U72 last week but not sure how much memory it has.

Thanks guys, really appreciate your help


Best thing to do is have a look about and find the ones that have the USB pins on the board - solder on a USB port and do yourself a SD-card mod - then you can have around 4GB of extra space

Oh, and that router has 4MB flash and 16MB RAM

Its the flash memory thats the part you want to be 8MB or above.

Have a look here for supported devices:


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Thanks DigiGuru :), I've ended up getting the buffalo, 4meg should be fine for the main stuff, I may actually look up the SD card mod (if it supports it) and save it for a rainy day project, if it doesnt then thats fine because it was really cheap (wish I didnt build my epia machine now!, will save that for a RAID server for future use)

Thanks again for the reply

the router has gone even cheaper on ebuyer now!, may be worth posting as a deal again

If I could get a couple of USB network cards to work on an xbox, I'd so debate running Linux on it

Load balanced, firewalled and unlimited NAS

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lol, Good Luck
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