DDR Desktop Memory 1gb

    Hi there.

    Trying to update a PC for my old dear. Has a P4 2.2ghz pc which has a socket 478 motherboard. Takes DDR memory and looking for PC2100 or PC2700 memory.

    Anyone point me in the right direction (cheap as possible)



    I've got 2*512Mb Crucial PC2700 RAM (not a matched pair) that you can have for £20 delivered for the pair. Current Crucial price is about £18 each and they have a lifetime guarantee (although I must admit I've never had to use it!).

    ] have DDR memory relatively cheap - I got 1 gig PC3200 for £17.49 just this week.


    I got mine from a user called "funkygiraffe" give that a go.

    Looking for the same thing today about £11.00 on ebay from usa.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys.

    // Tony - cheers for the offer but I already have 2x 512 sticks. Was trying to go upto 2 x 1gb sticks.

    Might have to check out
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