Found 12th Nov 2008
ive just taken a memory module out of a pc i have, im so confused as i dont understand which one i need to find to replace it.

the label on the module reads:

256MB DDR PC2700 CL2.5

I have figured out its a PC2700 184 pin module, not sure what speed it is or what to get as a replacement. I want to upgrade the ram - currently 512MB over 2 x 256MB.....

Wanted to get 2 x 1GB modules if possible, if not more, can anyone link me to a memory module that may work so I can find the best price and buy?


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That is 333Mhz DDR1.
You can use DDR1 (DDR) 400Mhz just fine or 333Mhz, it doesn't matter.…690…006

Either of those will work, as long as it is 333 or better it doesn't matter. The memory can run slower just fine (400 down to 333) but 266 won't (usually) run at 333. Hope that makes sense.


have you checked your whatever it is called will take that much memory, some will only take a max of 1GB

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thanks for the help.

ive googled a bit more and its said each slot can take max of 1gb. (from ebay item number : 220297234820 )

found some on fleabay for a tenner, not sure whether thats trusted though...

might pay a visit to my local computer shop and see what they have on offer. play has it for about £15 each too...
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