DDR, PC2700, 512mb or more/less RAM? Need one.

Found 21st May 2008
Anyone selling a DDR, PC2700, 512mb or more/less, don't really mind but preferred 512mb RAM? Nothing too expensive, i'm utterly broke, need it to get my ancient PC running as using my mates Laptop all the time makes me feel bad because she got work deadlines.

Anyone selling personally? Or a website which is really cheap?

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11.99 delivered @ play

sorry that's the sodimm

10.99 delivered for the 184pin module lifetime warranty

I have a 256 mb stick I found at work the other day, not sure if it's working, no way to test it, say £3 delivered?
If you want it PM me and I can start a thread in the FS/FT section, as dealing by PM only is against forum rules.
off to work now, back at 5

Thx mate, £3 Delivered is cool, but a mate of mine offered one for free. Hes unsure if it works, if it doesn't then i'm happy to buy it! I'll keep in touch.
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